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Steps to Set Up the Business Central-Shopify Connector

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up the Connector:

  1. Open Business Central and Shopify: Ensure both Business Central and your Shopify store are open. It's helpful to have done some preliminary work in Shopify for a smoother process.

  2. Add the Business Central App in Shopify: Locate and add the Business Central app within Shopify's interface. This is crucial for enabling communication between the two platforms.

  3. Authenticate Business Central in Shopify: Log into Business Central through the Shopify interface. This step is essential to authenticate and establish a connection between Shopify and Business Central.

  4. Configure the Online Store in Business Central:

  • Go to 'Shops' and select 'New'.

  • Name your online store (e.g., "Online").

  • Enter the URL of your Shopify store. You can find this URL in Shopify's frontend.

  1. Accept Terms and Conditions: A prompt to accept the terms and conditions will appear. This is a standard procedure for the integration.

  2. Set Up Product Synchronization:

  • Choose the direction of synchronization (from Shopify to Business Central or vice versa).

  • Select item attributes to sync, like sizes or additional data on your item cards.

  • Decide on variant prefixes and auto-creation settings for unknown items.

  1. Set Up Customer Synchronization:

  • Choose to sync all customers or only those with orders.

  • Define the mapping (by email, phone, bill-to info).

  • Select options for auto-creating unknown customers in Business Central from Shopify orders.

  1. Configure Order Processing:

  • Enable autosync of orders from Shopify to Business Central.

  • Set up the online order number to create sales documents in Business Central.

  • Determine settings for shipping charges, gift cards, and tax priority.

  1. Handle Return Processing:

  • Choose settings for auto-creating credit memos or importing only.

  • Define the action for removed products in Business Central and how they should appear in Shopify.

  1. Test the Integration:

  • Start with syncing customers to ensure data flows correctly between Shopify and Business Central.

  • Verify the success of the synchronization in both systems.

  • Test product syncing by adding a specific item and checking its appearance in Shopify.

Troubleshooting and Tips:

  • Job Queue Monitoring: Regularly check the job queue in Business Central for any API errors or sync issues.

  • Data Formatting: Pay attention to data formatting, especially in customer emails, to prevent sync errors.

  • Complex Product Integration: For businesses with complex product structures, careful planning is required to ensure smooth integration.

Conclusion: Setting up the Business Central-Shopify connector might seem daunting, but following these detailed steps will streamline the process. Remember, a successful integration lays the foundation for your business's e-commerce efficiency and growth.

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